Torm Wenrar Kromzek Mercenary Brooch Quest

Completed quest

Find Torm Wenrar in a room at 144.18, -697.46, 43.72

You say, 'Hail, Torm Wenrar'

Torm Wenrar says 'Hail to you my friend! I am Torm Wenrar, proud warrior of the Draconic Loyalist Fellowship. The dragons and dragon-kin of Skyshrine have need of capable warriors to aid in the war with the giants of Kael Drakkel. Do not consider this a sign of weakness, even the most powerful beings benefit from having friends and allies. The Giants too have many beings in their service, Ogres, Trolls, and unfortunately even Northmen like myself have been hired into the service of the Kromzek. These mercenaries must be put down, perhaps if enough of them are slain, other sell swords would be deterred from seeking the employment of the Kromzek. The dragon-kin have placed a [bounty] on the lives of the Kromzeks mercenaries, any aid you can provide to the Skyshrine would be well rewarded.'

You say, 'what bounty?'

Torm Wenrar says 'You shall be rewarded from Skyshrines treasure hordes for the Kromzek Mercenary Brooches of every three mercenaries in the Kromzeks employment you slay. If you manage to locate and slay the [mercenary captains], or the more [notorious mercenaries] the rewards will be greater.'

You say, 'what mercenary captains?'

Torm Wenrar says 'There are four mercenaries that have been promoted by the Kromzek to the position of mercenary captain. These captains command various units of mercenaries, usually those of their own race. The military prowess of the Kromzek, Kromrif, and their followers should not be underestimated. These individuals are very good at what they have been hired to achieve. There is a bounty available for the personalized mercenary brooches of Captain Glarg, Captain Ulmog, and Captain Mc'Hersh. Recover all three of the brooches and return them to me as proof of the captains deaths and I shall reward you from the treasure coffers of Skyshrine.'

You say, 'what notorious mercenaries?'

Torm Wenrar says 'There is a bounty for the lives of four mercenaries that have become notorious killers of dragon-kin. Since these mercenaries are not adorned with personalized brooches like the mercenary captain, their heads must be returned to me as proof of their deaths. The four mercenaries can usually be found together hunting dragons and dragon-kin. The first of these despicable individuals is a human by the name of Julius Oresco, a warrior of great skill. Julius' dragon hunting band is composed of the Dwarf, Grenth Drakebane, the erudite, Sadeem Oujva, and the northman, Rontar O'Karn. Bring me the heads of the four notorious mercenaries and I shall reward you on behalf of the dragon-kin from the treasure hoards of Skyshrine.'

Now go into Wakening Lands and kill the various Mercenary types to be found there. They always drop a Kromzek Mercenary Brooch Kromzek Mercenary Brooch. I also have found a Mercenary just inside Kael Drakkel as well. Collect 3 Kromzek Mercenary Brooches and give them to Torm Wenrar for the following response:

Torm Wenrar says 'Well done Runengetum! The Draconic Loyalist Fellowship and the residents of Skyshrine are grateful for your assistance in eliminating the threat the Kromzeks mercenaries pose to the dragons and dragon-kin of Velious. Here is the bounty that has been promised.'

Your faction standing with Claws of Veeshan got better.
Your faction standing with Yelinak got better.
Your faction standing with Kromzek could not possibly get any worse.
You gain experience!!

You get given a Potion of Draconic Rage as a reward Potion of Draconic Rage.