Ziglark Whisperwing Shrine Key Quest

Completed quest

Find Ziglark Whisperwing in a room at 828.47, -543.56, 43.72

You say, 'Hail, Ziglark Whisperwing'

Ziglark Whisperwing says 'Welcome to the greatness that is Skyshrine, Runengetum. I am Herald to our great leader, Lord Yelinak. It is my position to make sure that all is running in an orderly and functional matter in the mighty shrine before you. I handle the guard assignments as well as granting access to pass through the shrine. If you'd like to find out about either of these, please just ask.'

You say, 'what access?'

Ziglark Whisperwing says 'You may have seen the large monument in a pond out in the commune area on your journey to see me. This is not just a monument to our great Lord Yelinak, but also a portal to the cold recesses of the Cobalt Scar. Access is, however, only granted to those who are worthy to be called allies of the shrine.'

You say, 'I am worthy'

Ziglark Whisperwing says 'Perhaps, then again perhaps you only say that so you might gain access and plunder through the riches beyond the portal. We shall see. If you truly wish to prove yourself, you will need to entertain a bit of a challenge.'

You say, 'what challenge?'

Ziglark Whisperwing says 'We of the kin have a contact within the giant regime, named Wenglawks Kkeak. He has information on the movements of the storm giants through the arctic homelands of Velious. We have been in contact with him for quite some time, however as of late, our couriers have been lost on their way to meet him. As you can imagine, this worries us and makes it rather difficult to keep abreast of the movements of the giants. What we need is someone to find Wenglawks and deliver the payment to him, so that we can gather further information on their movements.'

You say, 'I will deliver the payment'

Ziglark Whisperwing says 'As much I figured you would say that. You must take this request for the information and give it to him, along with 200 platinum pieces. Only then will he part with the information. Once you have it, bring it back to me and your worth to the shrine will be proven.'

You get given a Message to Wenglawks Message to Wenglawks. Now you have to go to Kael Drakkel (with 200PP as well as the message!) and find Wenglawks Kkeak who is in a room behind a shop at 317.97, 1900.24, -196.16 (the door behind Kellek Felhammer who is a merchant).

You say, 'Hail, Wenglawks Kkeak'

Wenglawks Kkeak says 'Greetings, Runengetum, I have heard of you. My name is Wenglawks Kkeak. Welcome to my humble home. My sources tell me you are a mercenary. Is this true?'

You say, 'it is true'

Wenglawks Kkeak says 'Well then, I suppose you might be looking for work. Are you?'

You say, 'I am looking for work'

Wenglawks Kkeak says 'I have been looking for a few good people to deliver goods for me. I have several deliveries to clients which must be made soon. My last delivery person ended up dead, unfortunately.'

Give Wenglawks Kkeak the Message to Wenglawks and 200PP for the following response:

Wenglawks Kkeak yawns and reaches into a large pouch.

Wenglawks Kkeak says 'Here is the information your employer requested. Now be gone, I have more business to take care of.'

You gain party experience!!

You get given a Message to Herald Message to Herald. Return to Skyshrine and give the Message to Herald to Ziglark Whisperwing for the following response:

Ziglark Whisperwing says 'I appear to have mistaken your declaration of worth as a phony attempt at bravado, and do apologize. You have truly proven yourself worthy of the shrine, and in short order as well. For your troubles, and as a token of your worth to the shrine, I grant you this key to traverse into the lands of the Cobalt Scar. Praise be with you and good journeys always, Runengetum.'

You get given a Shrine key Shrine Key. This key lets you travel from Skyshrine to Cobalt Scar.