Jali Kaliio Healing Potion Quest

Completed quest

Find Jali Kaliio in the Kejek Village at 1212.64, -603.92, 1028.12

You say, 'Hail, Jali Kaliio'

Jali Kaliio says 'Greetings outsider. I trust you have [peaceful intentions] while visiting our village?'

You say, 'I have peaceful intentions'

Jali Kaliio says 'That is good to hear. Those filthy kobolds have caused enough trouble. We do not need more enemies.' Jali turns around and glances at another Kejekan. This one seems somewhat ill. Her fur is coming out in patches and strange sores cover her body. 'That is my wife, Yuio. She has come down with a sickness, no doubt caused by those accursed kobolds.' Anger wracks Jali's face as he speaks. 'I would ask you for [help] but you are a stranger and owe us nothing. Of course if you did assist me, I would be forever grateful.''

You say, 'what help?'

Jali Kaliio says 'Oh thank you. You are most kind. I fear that there is not much time left for my dear Yuio. Please speak to [Khonza Ayssla]. She is most wise and perhaps can find some cure for this affliction.'

You say, 'who is khonza ayssla?'

Jali Kaliio says 'Khonza Ayssla is the village's High Shaman. She teaches the ancient ways of Okanjo and is most wise. If she cannot assist you I do not know who can. I would go myself but I am too worried to leave my dear wife behind. When you find Khonza, tell her that Jali sent you. Please hurry, friend!'

Find Khonza Ayssla in the building opposite at 1214.46, -412.56, 1027.25

You say, 'Hail, Khonza Ayssla'

Khonza Ayssla says 'Greetings, Runengetum. You are welcome in [Kejek] so long as you do not offend the [spirits] of these lands.'

You say, 'jali sent me'

Khonza Ayssla says 'Ah yes Jali, whose wife is ill. I have been looking for a cure for many moons. I do believe I can make one now if I had the proper ingredients. Unfortunately it will require the deaths of some of our lands creatures but the spirits will not be angered as it is for a noble cause. Perhaps you could [fetch them] for me?'

You say, 'I could fetch them'

Khonza Ayssla says 'Take this satchel and please listen closely. I need the following and they need to be relatively fresh. So don't waste time with frivolous strolls through the jungle. I require two Panda Claws, two Tiger Skins, two Asp Poison Sacs, a Bamboo Shoot, and a Kejekan Palm Fruit, which you will need to find somewhere in the jungle. Once you have these items, combine them in the bag and return to me.'

You get given a Burlap Satchel Burlap Satchel. You can collect all except the Asp poison sacs Asp poison sac in Stonebrunt Mountains by foraging and hunting. The Asp poison sacs from from cistern asps which are found in the Oasis of marr and Southern Ro. I've looted Panda Claws Panda Claws from Panda Cubs, Mature Pandas, Elder Pandas and Young Pandas and I've looted Tiger Skins Tiger Skinfrom Kejek Tigers, Highland Tigers and Highland Tigeress. Kejekan Palm Fruit Kejekan Palm Fruit amd Bamboo Shoot Bamboo Shoot are foraged up. Put all the components in the Burlap Satchel and hit the combine button on the container to make a Full Gathering Satchel Full Gathering Satchel. Give the Full Gathering Satchel to Khonza Ayssla for the following response:

Khonza Ayssla says 'I thought the kobolds would have you for dinner, but you made it back.' Ayssla takes the satchel and begins to pour different vials of foul smelling liquid into it. She then takes the entire contents of the bag and dumps it into a large kettle and begins to chant in an unknown language. After a few minutes, she takes a small amount of the now boiling liquid and puts it in a vial. 'Take this vial back to Jali. I pray to the Titan Spirits that it works.''

Your faction standing with Kejek Village got better.
Your faction standing with Peace Keepers got better.
You gain experience!!

You get given a Vial of Healing Liquid Vial of Healing Liquid, Give the Vial of Healing Liquid to Jali Kaliio for the following response:

Jali Kaliio says ''Khonza Ayssla gave this to you? We must try it at once then.' Jali opens the vial and gently tilts back Yuio's head. He pours the liquid into her mouth and waits. Miraculously, Yuio's fur begins to take on a healthy sheen and the sores begin to disappear! Yuio falls into Jali's arms then goes slack, passing out. 'She needs much rest. I cannot begin to thank you enough for helping us. Please accept this as a reward. It is not much but it should be of some use. You are indeed a friend of ours and if you ever need shelter from the wilds, please visit us again''

Your faction standing with Kejek Village got better.
Your faction standing with Peace Keepers got better.
You gain experience!!

You get given a Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies Wakizashi of the Frozen Skies as a reward.