Miranda's Dice Quest

Completed quest

Find Miranda in the Kejek Village at 1204.19, -515.60, 1026.97

You say, 'Hail, Miranda'

Miranda says 'I'm not supposed to talk to strangers but if my parents let you in here I guess it's ok. Do you like [candy]? I would give you some candy to play a game with me but my [dice] are gone now.'

You say, 'what candy?'

Miranda says 'Khonza Ayssla went away one time and came back with chocolate covered cherries and pixie powder cinnesticks for my sister and I. I like the chocolates the best.'

You say, 'what dice?'

Miranda says 'I had my dice in a little bag and lost it outside the walls of the village. I think the kobolds must have found it.'

The dice are a Tiny Pouch of Bone Dice Tiny Pouch of Bone Dice that drops from Prince Bragnar at 339.79, -165.00, -65.22 in the Warrens. Give Miranda the Tiny Pouch of Bone Dice Tiny Pouch of Bone Dice for the following response:

Miranda says 'You found my dice!!! Thank you Runengetum!!'

Your faction standing with Kejek Village got better.
Your faction standing with Peace Keepers got better.
You gain experience!!

You also get given a Ball of Burlap Yarn Ball of Burlap Yarn.