Shazda Kaekwon Heretics Heads Quest

Completed quest

Find Shazda Kaekwon in the Kejek Village at 1226.35, -385.28, 1027.25

You say, 'Hail, Shazda Kaekwon'

Shazda Kaekwon says 'Shalom, Runengetum! I welcome you to our humble village in these [trying times].'

You say, 'what trying times?'

Shazda Kaekwon says 'There are many threats currently facing this village. The kobolds of Clan Kolbok are becoming bolder in pushing the boundaries of the territory in which they usually hunt. A few of the kobolds now hunt recklessly, killing for pleasure instead of sustenance. [Rognarog] the Infuriated is the most murderous of such kobolds. Then there are the [heretics] that have been invading both Clan Kolbok and Kejek territories alike, practicing their dark sorceries as a show of devotion to their faceless god.'

You say, 'who is rognarog?'

Shazda Kaekwon says 'Rognarog the Infuriated was once a mighty warrior for Clan Kolbok until his devotion to the kobold god Rolfron Zek devoured his spirit and drove him mad with anguish. Now he wanders the mountains and valleys of Stonebrunt shedding the blood of whatever creatures cross his path. Should you face Rognarog and release him from this life I will reward you for his severed head.'

You say, 'what heretics?'

Shazda Kaekwon says 'The heretics have not only corrupted their own spirits but they defile the spirits of the dead with their evil sorceries. Fill this satchel with the heads of invading heretics and I shall reward you for your allegiance to Kejek.'

You get given a Burlap Satchel Burlap Satchel. Fill the Burlap Satchel with the heads from the Heretic Invaders that can be found in the zone. There are male Heretics Head and female Heretics Head Heretic heads that can be collected. Get 4 heads (any mix of male and female) and combine in the Burlap Satchel to make a Satchel of Heretic Heads Satchel of Heretic Heads. Give the Satchel of Heretic Heads to Shazda Kaekwon for the following response:

Shazda Kaekwon says 'Less heretics to defile the lands and spirits. You have the gratitude of Kejek for your assistance in repelling the heretic threat.'

Your faction standing with Kejek Village got better.
Your faction standing with Peace Keepers got better.
You gain experience!!
You receive 1 copper from Shazda Kaekwon.
You receive 8 silver from Shazda Kaekwon.

I also received a Kejekan Tribal Headband Kejekan Tribal Headband. However, after doing the quest about 8 times I received a Swiftclaw Sash Swiftclaw Sash instead (I still conned Indifferent after receiving this).