Corun Finisc Jaggedpine Crook Quest

Incomplete quest

Find Corun Finisc wandering around Surefall Glad. I found him standing at -111.44, -162.38, 3.75

You say, 'hail Corun Finisc'

Corun Finisc says 'Hello. My name is Corun Finisc and I am one of the Jaggedpine Treefolk. It is our divine responsibility to watch over and protect Surefall Glade and its [inhabitants] from those who seek to [destroy] them.

You say, 'what inhabitants?'

Corun Finisc says 'The bears of Surefall Glade are our brothers. We are all children of [Tunare]. We would gladly die in their defense.

You say, 'who is tunare?'

Corun Finisc says 'Tunare is the Mother of All. It is though Her will that we protect this land and its many creatures.

You say, 'who would seek to destroy?'

Corun Finisc says 'Poachers in seach of bear skins and [gnolls] who attack us unprovoked. We are doing all we can to stop them. May [Tunare] give me the strength needed to smite them dead with my [crook].

You say, 'what crook?'

Corun Finisc says 'My crook? The Jaggedpine crook is an enchanted weapon of the Jaggedpine Treefolk. The [Sabertooths] take great pleasure in destroying the crooks ofany Treefolk they manage to slay. If you were to recover the pieces of a broken crook, I would gladly mend it for you.

You say, 'what sabertooths?'

Corun Finisc says 'The Sabertooths are a vicious band of gnolls who live in Blackburrow, to the east of Surefall Glade. They constantly attack us when we only seek to share this land with them. They also send many patrols out into the Qeynos Hills to the south. We have even seen a Sabertooth skulking about in the caves behind Grizzly Falls. There is a [reward] for his hide.

So the quest is to find the pieces of the broken crook, which I haven't found yet. The reference to the reward is detaled as the Corun Finisc Gnoll Paw Quest.