Gavel the Temperant Quest

Completed quest

Find Gavel the Temperant at 423.72, 33.81, 3.75

You say, 'Hail, Gavel the Temperant'

Gavel the Temperant says 'May the fires of Solusek Ro warm your innards! I am Gavel the Temperant. I work with Sister Blaize to forge the most elegant finery for clerics known to man or beast. Because we have no need for material wealth here in the temple, we ask that you retrieve [ingots and icons] from the lost or fallen brothers and sisters of our order. When mixed with some enchanted, [galvanized], [vulcanized], or [magnetized] platinum into an alloy, the items I can forge are splendid indeed!

You say, 'what ingots and icons?'

Gavel the Temperant says 'The ingots and icons are all named after the virtues of the cleric who held them. The virtues I require are those of the [reverent], the [constant], and the [devout].

You say, 'what reverent?'

Gavel the Temperant says 'Regis the Reverent fell in love with a gypsy girl named Lianna Ferasa who lives in the Rathe Mountains. Ask her what has become of him. Bring me the ingot of the Reverent, the icon of the Reverent, and 2 enchanted platinum bars and I will forge them into a reward for you.

Find Lianna Ferasa in the Gypsy camp in Rathe Mountains at 3987.78, 1474.84, 2.42. She does not respond when hailed, so ask the question that Gavel the Temperant said to say:

You say, 'what became of regis the reverant?'

Lianna Ferasa says 'Regis was my one true love, but he was [killed] and his soul enslaved by [Zahal the Vile].

You say, 'how was he killed?'

Lianna Ferasa says 'He was killed in the northern tree line to the east in North Karana. If you kill Zahal, Regis' body will rise from the place where he died. If my flute is on the body, please bring it to me.

You say, 'what Zahal the Vile?'

Lianna Ferasa says 'Zahal roams the plains of North Karana. Kill him and you will free my beloved's soul.

Zahal the Vile is a named Ghoul and spawns at -1058.46, 2947.98, -0.19 in Northern Karana. You need to kill him to cause Regis the Reverent to spawn. Regis the Reverent spawns on the northern zone line of Northern Karana immediately after Zahal the Vile has been killed at 1498.42, -1532.75, 80.32. Regis the Reverent is a named zombie, and when killed drops the Ingot of the Reverent Ingot of the Reverent and Lianna's Flute Lianna's Flute. Take Lianna's Flute back to her for the following response:

Lianna Ferasa says 'Thank you for setting his spirit free. Keep his memory alive with this.

I got given the Icon of the Reverent Icon of the Reverent in return. Get 2 Enchanted Platimun Bars Enchanted Platinum Bar by buying 2 ordinary platinum bars from merchants and getting and enchanter to enchant them. Give the Ingot and Icon of the Reverent, and the 2 Enchanted Platimum bars (unstacked) to Gavel the Temperant for the following response:

Gavel the Temperant says 'Wear this with pride!

I got given Bracers of the Reverent Bracers of the Reverent.