Aderius Rhenar Message Quest

Completed quest

Find Aderius Rhenar in a cell at loc 275.66, -1107.31, -95.22

You say, 'Hail, Aderius Rhenar'

Aderius Rhenar says 'Hail, Runengetum . I am Aderius Rhenar, priest of Quellious and assistant to Lady Laraena. I have been fortunate to be imprisoned here with these Kejekan cat men, they are a very wise people. Are you planning on returning to Erudin soon my friend?

You say, 'I am planning on returning to Erudin soon'

Aderius Rhenar says 'I have managed to prepare a message on this scrap of cloth for the priestess Laraena. It is a matter of great importance to the High Council of Erudin. Please deliver this message to her promptly. I must stay here for a while longer and converse further with my Kejekan friends.

At this point you get given a rolled up strip of cloth Rolled up Strip of cloth. There does not appear to be any message that you can read on the note. Find Leraena Shelyrak at the Temple of Divine Light in Erudin at loc -649.10, -85.35, 67.72.

You say, 'Hail, Leraena Shelyrak'

Leraena Shelyrak says 'Welcome my, child. I am Leraena Shelyrak, overseer of the Temple of Divine Light. Inside this temple, you may find the path to inner peace. Introduce yourself to each of the priests and priestesses of the temple as well as the paladins. Together we shall put an end to such disruptive influences as the [kobold shaman].

On giving her the message, she responds:

Leraena Shelyrak says 'This is important news indeed. It seems there is a tribe of cat men in the Stonebrunt Mountains that wishes to form an alliance with Erudin. I must alert the High Council of this immediately, thank you for your services.

Your faction standing with PeaceKeepers got better.
Your faction standing with HighCouncilofErudin got better.
Your faction standing with Heretics got worse.
Your faction standing with Heretics got worse.
You gain experience!!
You receive 6 copper from Leraena Shelyrak.
You receive 4 silver from Leraena Shelyrak.