Emperor Ganak Sebilis Key Quest

Completed quest

Find Emperor Ganak in a cave at -3330.75, 2657.58, -370.62

The cave is entered by climbing some steps which lead to a tunnel in the zone wall. The cave complex itself is quiet safe, but there are many Spectral Keepers guarding the entrance outside. With some care and good timing it is possible to slip between them to enter the caves unseen.

You say, 'Hail, Emperor Ganak'

Emperor Ganak says 'Greetings. It has been long since I was aware on this plane. Who are you and what do you want of me, Ganak, wyrm scourge and slayer of Jaled-Dar? '

You say, 'what medallion?'

Emperor Ganak says 'There were five different tribes of my people. The Kunzar, Kylong, Nathsar, Obulus, and Jarsath. Each of the tribes had a medallion that represented it. If you can return to me the medallions of the Kunzar and Nathsar, I will give you the idol of Trakanon. '

Go back out into the zone an hunt the Froglok Forager and the Froglok Hunter. The Froglok Hunter drops the Medallion of the Nathsar Medallion of the Nathsar and the Froglok Forager drops the Medallion of Kunzar Medallion of the Kunzar. Take these back and give them to Emperor Ganak for the following response:

Emperor Ganak says 'You have returned to me two medallions of my people. In return, I give you this key to enter the ruins of Sebilis. Be wary though, for Trakanon, Scourge of the Sebilisian empire, resides within. '

You gain experience!!

You get given a Trakanon Idol Trakanon Idol as a reward, which is the key to Old Sebilis.