Plagus Ladeson Dark Elf Courier Quest

Completed quest

Find Plagus Ladeson in the bunker at -235.26, 76.46, -24.25

You say, 'hail Plagus Ladeson'

Plagus Ladeson says 'Greetings, Runengetum , and welcome to the bunker. Are you a [new warrior] or a [veteran]?

You say, 'I am a new warrior'

Plagus Ladeson says 'Good to know you chose the bunker to train you. It is the home of the Steel Warriors. We find our inner strengths grow through battles and other noble deeds. Do you [seek deeds] or [crave battle] ?

You say, 'I seek deeds'

Plagus Ladeson says 'It may not be a fray, but who ever said we Steel Warriors are nothing but brawn? Recently, there have been reports of frequent visits by dark elves to the Hog Caller's Inn here in Freeport. Go speak with Lady Shae. Tell her the [Steel Warriors sent you]. We cannot rely on the Freeport Militia to look into such matters. They are probably involved. Bring me any clues you find.

You say, 'I crave battle'

Plagus Ladeson says 'Aye!! That is good. Ask Cain Darkmoore about Clan Deathfist. Also, when striking underhand, plant your feet at shoulder width and push with your legs on contact. It does wonders and keeps your back and shoulders from aching.

You say, 'I am a veteran'

Plagus Ladeson says 'I apologize for not knowing. I am new to the bunker. I was a trainer at the Hall of Steel in Qeynos before this. I left Qeynos in search of [Milea] and instead found myself joining the bunker's weaponmasters.

You say, 'what milea?'

Plagus Ladeson says 'Milea Clothspinner. She was my one true love. She, too, is a Steel Warrior. When she left Qeynos to find adventure, my heart left also. I never saw her again, but I decided to transfer my skills to Freeport. It is probably best that I did not find her. She was in love with adventure. <sigh> The women I am attracted to are always in love with another. Just like [Toala].

You say, 'what toala?'

Plagus Ladeson says 'Toala is supreme when it comes to the blade, but in the art of passion she chooses leans toward Cain Darkmoore. I do not get it. She is a very beautiful and strong-hearted warrior. Why Cain does not like her is a mystery to me. Why does she waste her time when she could have me? After all, we men of Qeynos are known as the most romantic in all of Norrath.

Now go and find Lady Shae in the Hogcallers Inn in West Freeport. She is either downstairs at -143.50, -456.16, -24.25 or upstairs at -173.00, -501.94, -10.25.

You say, 'hail Lady Shae'

Lady Shae says 'Hello. It is always good to meet someone new. I am Lady Shae of the House of Dumas. And what [house] are you from?

You say, 'I have no house'

Lady Shae says 'Good. I care not to hang around any snobs this evening. Would you be so kind as to buy me some wine?

You say, 'the steel warriors sent me'

Lady Shae says 'Thank you for checking into this matter. I told the militia, but they just ignored me. It appears the dark elves keep coming in and leaving mail for Shintl Lowbrew. Before I tell you more, could you please buy me a white wine?

You say, 'who is shintl lowbrew?'

Lady Shae says 'Oh, please!! Do not mention that horrid little person! My stay here has turned into a nightmare because of her. She gets mail delivered to her room every so often by dark elves, of all things. I cannot stand the Teir'Dal! I wonder what is in that mail. If I just had her room key I could walk right up to the innkeeper and say, 'Mail for room two, please.' That is all it would take. But enough about her. Let's talk about you buying me some drinks.

Now give Lady Shae a bottle of White Wine White Wine for the following response:

Lady Shae says 'Thank you. Pandos has been telling me to try white wine forever. I mostly only drink red wine. Pardon me for getting off track. Anyway, it is a good thing you showed up. The lady in room two has been receiving mail from a dark elf. You [need the mail for room two]. The innkeeper usually holds it for the guests.

Your faction standing with FelGuard got better
You gain experience!!

If you give Lady Shae a bottle of Red Wine Red Wine, she responds:

Lady Shae says 'Thank you.. Oh my! A few more of these and I will be spilling all my secrets.

If you give Lady Shae 2 bottles of Red Wine, she responds:

Lady Shae says 'Oh my.. You are so kind. I can not tell you the last time I had so much fine wine. Well, there was the time Antonius Bayle told me he no longer had the time for a committed relationship. Mister big ruler of the world. Make it to the top and find someone younger. I know his plan. I hate him. I will never trust another human again. After all that, he goes and asks me to hold on to this list for him. Well I am glad it was taken from me by that [Dyllin]. Antonius Bayle has no ties to me any more!! Good riddance! Oooooh! I love him.

Your faction standing with FelGuard got better
You gain experience!!

You say, 'what Dyllin?'

Lady Shae says 'Dyllin was the name of a Qeynos guard who was sent to pick up the list I was holding for dear, sweet Antonius. He left just yesterday. If you wish to meet up with him, I heard him say he was going to stop at Highpass Hold.

I have found Dyllin Starsine in the smugglers area in HighPass at location 45.29, 130.21, 35.75. His average lifespan is pretty short, and I just managed to hail him before he was attacked and killed:

You say, 'hail Dyllin Starsine'

Dyllin Starsine says 'Hey!! I don't have any spare change, okay?!

When attacked and killed, he says

Dyllin Starsine says 'How dare you attack a member of the Qeynos Guard!!

Dyllin Starsine has been slain by Aavatar!

Dyllin Starsin says 'Fool!! I was sent by the Commander of the Qeynos Guard. You will surely be punished..unggh!!

I guess this gives some clues about Dyllin's origins. The Innkeeper is Swin Blackeye at location -154.86, -527.45, -24.25. Question him about the mail:

You say, 'hail Swin Blackeye'

Swin Blackeye says 'Greetings, friend! Welcome to the Hog Caller's Inn! Don't let the name fool you. We are the finest establishment in Freeport. Please feel free to relax in our lounge. There is usually music to soothe your blues away.

You say, 'I need the mail for room two'

Swin Blackeye says 'Hmmph !! If you're here to get the mail for room two, you'll need to show me the room key.

You say, 'what dark Elf?'

Swin Blackeye says 'I don't know, but he sure spooks me. He comes in to leave mail for room two every few days.

You say, 'who is shintl lowbrew?'

Swin Blackeye says 'That would be the lady in room number two. She has been renting it for months. Keeps to herself.

If you just hang around downstairs by Swin Blackeye, Shintl Lowbrew will from time to time come downstairs and talk to him:

Shintl Lowbrew says 'Any mail for room number two?

Swin Blackeye says 'Hmmph !! If you're here to get the mail for room two, you'll need to show me the room key.

If you hail Shintl Lowbrew she responds:

You say, 'hail Shintl Lowbrew'

Shintl Lowbrew says 'Hail, mighty one! What are you doing in the city? You should be out slaying beasts. There is nothing to find here in the city.

I have not been able to get Shintl Lowbrew to say anything else to me. The key to Room two can be found in Shintl Lowbrews room upstairs. She drops it when she goes downstairs to check for the mail. Wait patiently for her to go downstairs, and the key Hog Key #2 can be picked up off the floor where she normally stands at -107.60, -450.54, -10.25. Go and give the key to Swin Blackeye for the following response:

Swin Blackeye says 'Here you go, then..

You gain experience!!

You get given a note a sealed letter. You can read the letter here a sealed letter. Now go back with this evidence to Plagus Ladeson in the bunker in West Freeport at -235.26, 76.46, -24.25 and hand the letter to him. He responds:

Plagus Ladeson says 'Oh my!! Opal? She is providing these agents of Neriak with information regarding the academy's secrets?! I can not tell Cain about this. He will be furious. Show this to Toala. She will know what to do.

You get given the note back. Now go and find Toala Nehron in the Arena in West Freeport at -243.18, -195.25, -10.25 and hand the note to her. She responds:

Toala Nehron says 'Why, that little trollop! What is she up to? Cain will never believe this! She must be in league with some faction of the dark elves, but why? Neither the Academy of Arcane Science nor Cain will believe this note. I will see what I can do. As for you, I command you to kill this Shintl and her dark elf courier!! Put their heads into this box and combine them. We shall cut the link. Bring me her head.

You gain experience!!

Toala at this point gives you Toala's Box for heads Toala's Box for Heads, a 2 item box with a combine button. You now have to hunt Shintl Lowbrew in the Hogshead Inn at -107.60, -450.54, -10.25 and kill her. She will drop a Halfling Head Halfling Head. Go out of the gates of West Freeport and turn left. Somewhere near the wall can be found a Dark Elf called Hollish Tnoops. When hailed he responds:

You say, 'hail Hollish Tnoops'

Hollish Tnoops says 'Hail. I am in a bit of a hurry. Please excuse me.

Kill him. He will drop a Dark Elf Head Dark Elf Head. Combine this with the Halfling Head in Toala's Box for Heads to create a Box with two Heads Box with Two Heads. Now go to the Arena in West Freeport and give Toala Nehron the Box with Two Heads Box with Two Heads for the following response:

Toala Nehron says 'Good work!! We will soon catch Opal. I have started to formulate a plan to stop her. When I complete it, I shall notify you. Here. Take this small reward. I am sure killing Shintl was no trouble. She was just a halfling.

Your faction standing with Steel Warriors got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
Your faction standing with Corrupt Qeynos Guards got worse
Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia got worse
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 10 silver from Toala Nehron.
You receive 2 gold from Toala Nehron.

I also received some leather sleeves as a reward