Tara Neklene Orc Cantrip Quest

Completed quest

Find Tara Neklene at the Academy of Arcane Science at 122.33, -719.66, -10.25

You say, 'hail Tara Neklene'

Tara Neklene says 'It is always a pleasure to meet a new face. We have many who travel far and wide to visit our great academy. Many who brave the long trip by boat. Many who dare to cross the territory of the [Deathfist orcs].

You say, 'what deathfist orcs?'

Tara Neklene says 'The Deathfist are a clan of orcs. They are not very powerful, yet I hear they dabble in the circles of magic. Their skills in the ways of magic are limited. It is my duty to study them. I shall pay for your services. Will you [assist with the research]?

You say, 'I will assist with the research'

Tara Neklene says 'Yes. You will do. Go into the lands which surround Freeport. There you shall encounter Deathfist apprentices. They are as young as yourself and each should carry an orc cantrip. Return one for further studies. Do so and you will earn your pay as well as our respect.

Now go and get an Illegible Cantrip Illegible Cantrip. I found one on an Orc Apprentice in East Freeport, but believe that these also drop in East and West Commonlands and Misty Thicket. Give Tara Neklene the Illegible Cantrip for the following response:

Tara Neklene says 'Very fine work, my young apprentice. This shall be very useful in understanding their ways. I have heard rumors of a scribe who can decipher these scrolls. He is said to frequent the local taverns. Bah!! If I cannot decipher them, no one can!! Continue with your work. Soon you shall advance enough to [test the might of the orc oracles].

Your faction standing with Arcane Scientists got better.
Your faction standing with Knights of Truth got better.
Your faction standing with Opal Dark Briar got worse.
Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia got worse.
You gain experience!!
You receive 3 copper from Tara Neklene.
You receive 12 silver from Tara Neklene.

You say, 'I will test the might of the orc oracles'

Tara Neklene says 'The word of mouth in the Academy of Arcane Science is that you are no foe, but you have yet to prove your worth to us. Perform a tasks for the great Tara Neklene.