Toala Nehron Stolen Pouch Quest

Incomplete quest

Find Toala Nehron in the Arena at -244.04, -195.96, -10.25

You say, 'hail Toala Nehron'

Toala Nehron says 'I am Toala Nehron. You must be another young warrior aspiring to join the ranks of the Steel Warriors. We welcome all who would try. When you [have time], there is a friend of mine I would like you to check on.

You say, 'I have time'

Toala Nehron says 'I have a friend by the name of Lenka Stoutheart. She reported to me that her ship was broken into and someone stole a pouch of hers. Could you go look into it for me? Just tell her Toala sent you. Oh, and pay no mind to the walking mountain by her. That will only be Bronto, her navigator. Thanks, friend.