Brother Estle Blessed Oil Quest

Incomplete quest

Find Brother Estle at the exit of the pass to Qeynos Hills at 11.82, -1545.69, -0.21

You say, 'hail Brother Estle'

Brother Estle says 'Greetings, child of life. The way of the [Prime Healer] shall set you free and cleanse your soul. I hope to see you at [mass].

You say, 'what prime healer?'

Brother Estle says 'Rodcet Nife is the Prime Healer. His way is the path of healing and life. There can be no true life until your soul is healed by healing others. This will take you into the eternal when your time comes.

You say, 'what mass?'

Brother Estle says 'Mass is not being held out here as yet. I am waiting for the [blessed oil] from the Temple of Life. You may attend services there.

You say, 'what blessed oil?'

Brother Estle says 'The blessed oil is necessary during services. It is blessed by High Priestess Jahnda at the [Temple of Life]. If you are going in that direction, please stop at the temple and remind High Priestess Jahnda that brother Estle is waiting for his blessed oil.

You say, 'what temple of life?'

Brother Estle says 'The Temple of Life is the center of worship for the followers of Rodcet Nife. It is located in North Qeynos and is one of the greatest temples ever created. Be sure to visit and attend services.