Gindlin Toxfodder Death Juice Quest

Completed Quest


Find Gindlin Toxfodder at the eastern side of West Karana south of the road to Highpass by in a building at -2989.90, -13395.37, 37.51

You say, 'hail Gindlin Toxfodder'

Gindlin Toxfodder says 'Enough with the formalities. I don't make it to these parts often and I only plan on being here a couple days. My time is precious. You must be a rogue in search of the [death juice].

You say, 'what death juice?'

Gindlin Toxfodder says 'Spider venom. You can't mix it yourself. If you want, I can do it. I'll need two spider venom sacs from the giant spiders. There should be some around these plains. I also demand a fee of 20 gold pieces, oh yeah!!.. I have been banished from Qeynos.. I also want a bottle of my favorite brew, Crow's special brew, purchased from Crow himself in North Qeynos.

Give Gindlin Toxfodder the items that he asks for, the 20GP, a bottle of Crow's special brew Crow's Special Brew (ontained from Crows in North Qeynos) and the 2 spider venom sacks A Spider Venom Sac (that can be looted from Carrion Spiders) for the following result:

Gindlin Toxfodder says 'Here. I could care less what you do with this. Hopefully you'll lay some on the Circle of Unseen Hands.

You gain experience!!

You also get given a bottle of Spider Venom Spider Venom. Interestingly, there are no faction adjustments for this quest.