Ranger Epic Quest

Completed quest

Phase 4 - Get the Platinum Speckled Powder

Go to Surefall Glade and find Merdan Fleetfoot at 242.06, -67.20, 1.01 by the lake at the back of the Ranger Guild.

You say, 'Hail, Merdan Fleetfoot'

Merdan Fleetfoot says 'Yes Niera! Oh. Erm. Hi. I mean, uh. How are you?'

You say, 'who is Niera?'

Merdan Fleetfoot blushes. 'She is, uh.. I don't know. I haven't been able to speak with her. She has many suitors, and I'm just another poor ranger. I spend my days here pretending to fish, to carve bows, but really I'm just waiting to catch a glimpse of her. I thought about adventuring into the world to find some kind of token to give her, to show her how I feel, but I can't tear myself away from here.'

Go to Inhabitants of Firiona Vie and forage. You should be able to forage a Rose of Firiona Rose of Firiona without too much trouble (note that you only seem to be able to forage the Rose in the town itself). Go back to Surefall Glade and hand the Rose of Firiona to Merdan Fleetfoot for the following response:

Merdan Fleetfoot blinks and looks at the flower. 'This is perfect. Thank you! I'm going to go over to her now. Erm, well, maybe I'll wait a week to let the uh.. beauty of the flower.. uhm.. blossom. Yes, that sounds good. Here, you take this painting. I don't need it now. I made it myself, she wouldn't like it anyways.'

You get given a Wood Painting Wood Painting. Opposite Merdan Fleetfoot, on the other side of the lake, stands Niera Farbreeze at 110.51, -189.30, 1.83. Sit close to her and after a while she starts humming:

Niera Farbreeze hums softly, a little tune that tickles the back of your mind but you can't quite recall

You say, 'what tune is that?'

Niera Farbreeze says 'Ohh. Just a little song my mother taught me when I was young. It speaks of the earth, the sky, and the sparkling stars above, always there.'

You say, 'why are they always there?'

Niera Farbreeze says 'Aye, always there. Like this small bag I wear around my neck. The last gift of my dying mother. It holds a fine dust, a dust she collected during her short life, that she believed brought her luck. It's speckled, flecked as the night sky is with stars.'

You say, 'what speckled, flecked dust?'

Niera Farbreeze says 'I've had this little bit of dust, all I have of my mother, for many years now. It's the only reminder I have of her. She said it was special, magical, a warmth to help me through the nights. Even if my life were in the balance, I would have a hard time giving it up.'

Go to Frontier Mountains and find a Human Skeleton. I found it wandering around at -1948.04, 1846.86, -170.16 and it conned blue to me and level 51. It did not stop or respond when hailed. Give the Wood Painting Wood Painting to the Human Skeleton for the following response:

a human skeleton begins to crack and disintegrate, its body collapsing into a pile of dust that scatters into the winds. On the ground you notice a locket on a fine, thin chain which you pick up.

You get a Silver Chained Locket Silver Chained Locket. Go back to Surefall Glade and give the Silver Chained Locket to Niera Farbreeze for the following response:

Niera Farbreeze says 'This, this is my mother's amulet. I cannot believe it. Please, take this powder you say you need. Perhaps it does have powers, I don't know, I don't care. Thank you, my eternal thanks for this.'

You get given the Platinum Speckled Powder Platinum Speckled Powder.

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