Ranger Epic Quest

Completed quest

Phase 9 - Obtain Earthcaller

Now go to the Plane of Hate. Get to Plane of Hate either by getting a Wizard to port you there, or via Relm M`Loch at loc 716.50, -1551.52, -875.86 in the Plane of Tranquility (by the zone in from Plane of Knowledge).

You say, 'Hail, Relm M`Loch'

Relm M`Loch says 'Greetings, traveler. Do you find the Plane of Tranquility interesting? Myself, hmm . . . I'm afraid it rather bores me. I have read these ancient tomes, watched the waves lap lazily against the shore, quietly observed the Weavereaders while they ply their trade - and it does nothing for me. My thoughts always return to the one place that has utterly captured my fascination, Innoruuk's realm: the Plane of Hatred. There are not words to describe the exhilarating emotions of rage, terror and anxiety that overwhelm me while in his domain. Unfortunately, my obligations require me to tarry here awhile longer, but if you would like to visit Hate I can take you there. Give me a Fuligan Soulstone to focus upon and I can transport a single person.'

Give Relm M`Loch a Fuligan Soulstone (which can be purchased in the clerics guild in Neriak 3rd Gate) which ports you to Plane of Hate. Hunt the mini-bosses there and eventually one of them will drop the Shattered Emerald of Corruption. Mine dropped from Mistress of Scorn. After you have done this, find Xanuusus in North Karana at loc 1330.74, 506.34, 5.64. Give him the Shattered Emerald of Corruption and the Refined Mithril Blade for the following response:

Xanuusus waves his hands over the gem of corruption and a wave of warm energy passes through the area. With care for such a huge creature, he melds the gem into the sword and seems to glow all over as he channels energy into the weapon. 'Thus is the link of hate broken between Innoruuk and the spirit of earth. Through your will has balance returned. Your deeds, your work for the good of all, will be remembered by anyone who walks beneath the canopy of a forest or roams the plains. Continue your vigil over nature's balance, Runengetum.'

You gain party experience!!

You get given Earthcaller .