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This is my web site where I have recorded various things for posterity. I'm afraid that it languished in an updated state for probably 10 years or more. However, right now I'm talking an interest in the site again as a learning opportunity: both to understand how to make it mobile friendly, HTML 5.0 compatible, and to improve its performance with Search Engines.

For those interested, I have been using the Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tools to see what Google and Bings view of my website is. Bottom line is that Google disapproves mainly because it's not mobile friendly (well, people didn't use mabiles to browse the web when I first wrote this site), and Bing disappoves because I have not been using <h1> tags at the top (or anywhere) on most of my web pages and not specifying the page language. There are a few other things such as the lack of a sitemap as well, but these are the main ones.

So I'm going through the site fixing these problems and I have to say that it does appear to be improving the number of hits that the site is getting. Early days, but its looking promising. Since Everquest is now free to play, I'm even considering coming back to revisit some of this content and improve on it. I have some ideas. I'd do it on a continent by continent basis. I'll probably start with Odus since thats the smallest continent, and with these new progression servers that are being opened will have some interest to them.

The site was originally authored in HotMetal Pro. This program was available from 1994 through to 2002, which rather dates the conception of this web site. I'm currently using Microsoft® Expression Web™ 4.0 which is available as a free download at This tool itself dates from 2012 and in the past was a paid for application.

My interests in the past have been Ancestry, and playing the on line role playing game Everquest. The web site is really 2 sub-websites talking about each subject:



Hot news! New addiction. The game Chinese Parents! Because I couln't find much on the web about it, I started my own sub-site on the subject:


Other free web browser based games that that I play are:

THE WEST - Based on events in the wild west. I play on world 1 which I believe is closed to new players.

HATTRICK - A football manager simulator. My club is Runens Runners if you create an account and want to give me a friendly game.

Other desktop games that I play, that are free to download and play, but have paid for features are:

WORLD OF TANKS - Realtime tank Vs tank combat that is fast and unforgiving.

WORLD OF WARSHIPS - More sedate and friendly version of World of Tanks but with warships.


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