Runengetums guide to faction and quests on Everquest
now featuring Runenblastems Dire Charm, tactics and LDoN container Guides

One of Runengetums goals in his life on EverQuest is to raise his factions with the various faction groups on the server. Factions importance cannot be overlooked for the following reasons:

NPCs (Non Player Characters) rarely give you quests if you con indifferent to them. Typically you need to con at least Amiable although there usually seems to be a starter quest in most cities that gets your faction going if you con indifferent (or worse in some cases).

Poor faction translates into poor buy and sell prices, good faction translates into good buy and sell prices.

Very poor faction will get you Kill on Sight (KoS) with NPCs not only in cities but also in the wilderness.

Your faction will change as follows as it improves with NPCs:
Ready to Attack -> Threateningly -> Dubiously -> Apprehensively -> Indifferent -> Amiably -> Kindly -> Warmly -> Ally

I now have a growing number of databases:

Faction - maintained by all my characters (mainly Runengetum and Runenblastem)

Quests - covers only a small number of quests but those it does cover it covers in complete detail. This is maintained by Runengetum, but pretty much dormant now

Ranger Epic Guide - Runengetums Ranger Epic 1.0 guide

Key Guide - Got a key and not sure what it opens? Check this guide

Dire Charm Guide - Lists Runenblastems successes and failures to Dire Charm

LDoN Container Guide - Lists Runenblastems successes and failures with containers

Runenblastems Enchanters tactics guide - List suggested spells to use and not use in different zones

Plane of Justice Guide - Guide to doing the trials in Plane of Justice

Plane of Sky Guide - Details how to get to and move around the Plane of Sky

Raiding Guide - Details of how to overcome a number of raid events

Voice Triggers - Some sounds that I have recorded for my voice triggers

All the information on this web site has been personally researched and is believed to be correct to the best of my knowledge. However, Everquest as a game is constantly changing so it may be that Sony modifies some of the quests and faction adjustments.

Runengetum is a Ranger on the Fennin Ro Server belonging to the Khazi Traveling Circus Guild. I am one of about 30 members of the Khazi Traveling Circus.