Everquest raid information

During my time playing Everquest, I got involved with raids. Being based in the UK on a US server gave me many opportunities. There was a good European community on Fennin Ro and I raided with a team called TNF (Truly Naughty Friends). As part of this team I worked as part of the leadership and occasionally ran some raids. I was also with ERA (Elitists Raid Alliance) and raided with them. This worked well. ERA was more hardcore and raided different targets to TNF and being on different timezones did this at different times.

Anyway, while doing all this I realised the importance of documenting what I did. As an Enchanter it was important for me to know what was and was not mezzable and it started from there. As I become more active I realised that I needed to know the whole score and my guides were born.

What I have written up are my way of doing things. Some guides I never finished writing up as a quit playing in November 2008, but what I have written is accurate for that time. Since it is over a year since I played and these are all old zones now, I don't feel that I should hang on to my secrets any longer so have decided to publish what I wrote "as is" in the hope that it might be useful for someone. All my work is downloadable .pdf files (use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open).