North Freeport

Killing Things

None to report


Groflah Steadirt (Larn Brugal Weapon Shipment Quest - West Freeport)

Worse: None
Better: Coalition of Tradefolk, Knights of Truth, Merchants of Qeynos, Coalition of Tradefolk Underground

Ton Twostring (Lislia Goldtune Mail to Freeport Quest - HighKeep)

Worse: Ring of Scale, Mayong Mistmoore
Better: League of Antonican Bards, Knights of Truth, Guards of Qeynos, Ring of Scale

Theron Rolius (Lieutenant Arathur Crusade Quest - South Qeynos)

Worse: Dismal Rage, The Freeport Militia
Better: Knights of Truth, Priests of Marr, Steel Warriors