Gregor Nasin Barkeep's Compendium Quest - East Freeport

Incomplete quest

Find Gregor Nasin in the Seafarers Roost on the Docks at -243.38, -834.60, -52.22

You say, 'hail Gregor Nasin'

Gregor Nasin says 'Sit down and name your poison! I know we are lacking in originality, but I intend to create some [exotic drinks].

You say, 'what exotic drinks?'

Gregor Nasin says 'Interested in exotic drinks, are we? I am attempting to create some of these drinks I read about in this book I found. It was called the [Barkeep's Compendium]. I will first need to get my hands on a few [exotic ingredients].

You say, 'what exotic ingredients?'

Gregor Nasin says 'I desire a [kiola nut], [Erud's Tonic], [honey jum] and a [Koalindl fish]. If I could get those, I would no longer need to hold on to the [Barkeep's Compendium]. Whoever returned the ingredients to me could have it!!

You say, 'what kiola nut?'

Gregor Nasin says 'The kiola nut usually grows only in humid territories. I hear there are some such lands between Qeynos and Erudin. Some also have been found on the islands of the Ocean of Tears.

You say, 'what Erud's tonic?'

Gregor Nasin says 'Now that is an ingredient that is hard to obtain. Found only in the city of Erudin, it is a crime for anyone to attempt to smuggle it out of the city. If caught, a horrid death is assured, though I hear there is a frequent customer of the taverns of Qeynos who has a way to obtain the forbidden liquid.

You say, 'what honey jum?'

Gregor Nasin says 'Honey jum can be found in the halfling community of Rivervale. I hear it is used in many of their potions. I am sure it can be purchased somewhere in Rivervale. If it is not on the shelf it is surely known by the shopkeeper.

You say, 'what koalindl fish?'

Gregor Nasin says 'Some rare drinks call for ground up fish. I intend to use the Koalindl fish of Qeynos. It is said to be magical in nature. The problem with obtaining them is that you must get them from Jahnda's Pool near the Temple of Life and I hear that the members protect these fish with great ferocity.

You say, 'what barkeep's compendium?'

Gregor Nasin says 'I found the book amongst some garbage littering the ground in Freeport East. It appears to have been created by an ogre named [Clurg]. I am sure he wants it returned, but I will never part with it. That is... unlessI get a few [exotic ingredients] I need to experiment with.

You say, 'who is clurg?'

Gregor Nasin says 'I do not know. Ask an ogre. Maybe they have heard of him.

I obtained a Koalindl fish Koalindl Fish by killing Frostbite the dog in West Karana at -3536.06, -2231.50, 35.96, and Frostbite dropped the fish. Note that you get bad faction for doing this. I suggest that the best way to get the fish is to first do most of the Renth McLanis Langseax Quest, to the point where you have got to Frostbite and given him the sweaty shirt and he runs off. By doing this, you get good faction from that quest to cancel out the bad faction for killing Frostbite, and you get to lure Frostbite away from the Barbarian village as I suspect that the Barbarians may come to Fostbites aid if you kill him where he normally stands.

Obtain the Honey Jum in Rivervale. Find Kizzie Mintopp in a burrow at -228.00, -209.96, -0.25 in Riverdale and ask her about Honey Jum:

You say, 'hail Kizzie Mintopp

Kizzie Mintopp says 'Enough talk there, chatterbox. You buy lots of herbs. I gotta make a living, not more friends.

You say, 'I need some honey jum'

Kizzie Mintopp says 'No, no, no!! You will not get honey jum until you give Kizzie three honeycombs and thirty gold coins. Honey jum is valuable. Kizzie raised the fee!! That is how it works.

Give Kizzie Mintopp 3 Honeycombs Honeycomb (that drop from Bixies in Misty Thicket and Kithicor Forest) and 30GP for the following response:

Kizzie Mintopp says 'You are one lucky bixie buster. I just made a batch of honey jum. Here. No waiting for you. One jar and a little silver for your good work. Bye, now!

Your faction standing with Merchants of RiverVale got better.
Your faction standing with Deeppockets got better.
Your faction standing with Guardians of the Vale got better.
Your faction standing with Mayor Gubbin got better.
Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk Underground got worse.
You gain experience!!

You also get given the Honey Jum Honey Jum.

Get the Eruds Tonic from Erudin. Find Sinnkin Highbrow on the top floor of the library at -1046.96, -253.59, 83.72.

You say, 'hail Sinnkin Highbrow'

Sinnkin Highbrow says 'Why, hello there fellow scholar! Don't you just love books? I am quite a bookworm myself. I could read forever! I am currently working my way through the 'T's.

You say, 'what tonic?'

Sinnkin Highbrow says 'Erud's Tonic! That is none of your concern!

The 'T' and her reaction about being asked about the tonic are the clues. Now find Geoard BlueHawk at -1176.30, -331.07, 51.73 in Bluehawks and question him:

You say, 'hail Geoard BlueHawk'

Geoard BlueHawk says 'Greetings, adventurer! After all those months of sweaty, hot and dirty battling of beasts untold, it is time to treat yourself to a tall, cool grog!

You say, 'what vasty deep water?'

Geoard BlueHawk says 'The Vasty Deep is a lake located on Odus. It contains the purest water in Norrath. Some say it is magical in nature. The High Council does not allow it to be taken by outsiders and those who try are usually converted to chum for the sharks.

You say, 'what tonic?'

Geoard BlueHawk says 'Long ago, the great Erud found that excessive indulgence in spirits led to diminished mental awareness. His love of Kaladim brandy led him to concoct Erud's Tonic. The tonic blocked the effects of all spirits. Unfortunately, it is made from our precious Vasty Deep water and therefore is not permitted to be exported or given to non-Erudites or adventuring Erudites.

You will find that Geoard BlueHawk sells a drink called Innoruuk's Kiss of Death Innoruuk's Kiss of Death. Buy an bottle of this and give it to Sinnkin Highbrow in the library for the following reaction:

Sinnkin Highbrow says 'It's about time you figured it out, genius! Maybe you should spend more time in the library. Here, take this tonic and get out of here before they see me giving it to you and turn us both inside out.

Your faction standing with EruditeCitizen got better.

You gain experience!!

You also get given an Erud's Tonic Erud's Tonic.

The Kiola Nut Kiola Nut is the easiest item to source. You can buy a Kiola Nut from Cleonae Kalen in a hut at location 499.93, -9259.49, 12.39 in the Ocean of Tears (first boat stop from Freeport)

Give the Erud's Tonic, Koalindl Fish, Honey Jum and Kiola Nut to Gregor Nasin for the following response:

Gregor Nasin says 'Now I have every ingredient mentioned in the Barkeep Compendium. Here. You take it. <!.> Whoops!! I just closed it. It's magically sealed, I never closed it before. It's useless to you. I have no need for it any longer. Maybe you can return it to [Clurg] for some type of reward.

Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk Underground got better.
Your faction standing with Coalition of Tradefolk got better.
Your faction standing with Carson McCabe got better.
Your faction standing with Corrupt Qeynos Guards got better.
Your faction standing with The Freeport Militia got better.
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 platinum from Gregor Nasin.

Gregor Nasin also gives you the Barkeep Compendium Barkeep Compendium. Now you need to go to Oggok to find Clurg. He is at 259.24, -247.57, 1.88 in a bar near the bank. As a Ranger I went in in wolf form. I've never done much to damage my faction here and I was KoS to the guards outside in human form but Dubious in wolf form.. I was dubious or indifferent to most in Oggok, but was KoS to the Shamen guild. To Clurg I was apprehensive.

You say, 'Hail, Clurg'

Clurg says 'Hello, friend. Have a drink. I have some [unique drinks]. Try one. And remember. You get rowdy, the [Bouncers] crush you.'

You say, 'what unique drinks?'

Clurg says 'I have been all over Norrath and even served with some very great [barkeeps in Freeport]. I am the creator of both [Flaming Clurg] and Ogre Swill.'

You say, 'what flaming clurg?'

Clurg says 'The Flaming Clurg was my greatest creation. It brought me great respect in Oggok. Unfortunately, I have heard tales of an [imposter drink].'

You say, 'what imposter drink?'

Clurg says 'You are brave. An enemy are you of Oggok. Leave while you still can.'

You say, 'what barkeeps in freeport?'

Clurg says 'Yes. I have journeyed to many taverns, but it was in Freeport that I acquired most of my art. I compiled all my drink recipes in a [special book].'

You say, 'what special book?'

Clurg says 'You are brave. An enemy are you of Oggok. Leave while you still can.'

You say, 'what bouncers?'

Clurg says 'The Bouncers were organized by me. As I traveled to many of the world's taverns I encountered great enforcers called bouncers. It was their duty to keep order amongst chaos. When I returned and rose to greatness after the creation of the [Flaming Clurg], I organized the Oggok Bouncers to keep order amongst the [rival guilds].'

You say, 'what rival guilds?'

Clurg says 'Oggok has been the battleground for the feud between the Greenblood knights and shamans and the Craknek warriors. It is fueled by the superior intellect of the Greenbloods. Few remember that I, Clurg, was once dim, but now I speak with great words.'

I then used sneak to get to indifferent to try the phrases that seemed to be blocked by my faction with the following results:

You say, 'what special book?'

Clurg says 'Find ways to help all in Oggok. Then we will have conversation.'

You say, 'what imposter drink?'

Clurg says 'Find ways to help all in Oggok. Then we will have conversation.'

At indifferent, I then handed him the Barkeep Compendium for the following result:

Clurg says 'Find ways to help all in Oggok. Then we will have conversation.'

He took the Compendium and offered no reward.