Renth McLanis Langseax Quest - Halas

Completed quest

Find Renth McLanis at 362.40, -278.66, 3.75. This quest is the follow on to the Courier quest previously detailed. The Courier has Renth McLanis saying the following as you complete the quest:

Renth McLanis says 'Good work!! Kylan will never know o' me negligence. I owe ye one, young warrior. Let's call it even with this. Twas found by one of our foraging parties. It is still useful. And... I believe ye can assist with a more [dangerous matter] as well.

You say, 'what dangerous matter?'

Renth McLanis says 'A murder was done in Halas recently. A couple were killed by a pair o' rogues fer a mere pouch o' copper. The shaman gave chase and the main rogue, Paglan, fell beneath an ice floe. One got away. We must [hunt the murderer]. Will ye help?

You say, 'I will hunt the murderer'

Renth McLanis says 'Twas good old Dok whose brother and wife were slain. Speak with him at his shop. Ask him if he has [any information about the crime]. Return the head of the murderer and I'll give ye a [Langseax].

You say, 'what langseax?'

Renth McLanis says 'The Langseax was crafted to be wielded by a warrior only. Tis a one-handed slashing weapon with great balance to assist the warrior who masters it.

You then need to go and find Dok in DoK's Cigars at 217.31, 275.11, 3.75.

You say, 'hail Dok'

Dok says 'Fine day to ye, Runengetum . Welcome to me shop. If ye're searchin' fer a [cigar], ye won't be findin' any, more's th' pity.

You say, 'do you have any information about the crime?'

Dok says 'Aye. I happened upon the crime scene, but too late, more's the pity. I grabbed fer one of the rogues and got only a handful of his shirt. Before I knew it, I was left holding his sweaty shirt and he was far from the scene. I called fer the guards and they summoned the shaman. Methinks one died and one got away in the chase. I've heard rumors that the leader of [Clan McMannus] has spotted the culprit. Ye should go to the leader of Clan McMannus and tell him ye're [searching for the fugitive]

You say, 'who is the leader of Clan McMannus?'

Dok says 'Methinks it is Einhorst McMannus.

You say, 'where is the sweaty shirt?'

Dok says 'Now, why would ye be wantin' that smelly thing?!! I no longer have it. [Tundra Jack] came into me shop and bought it from me. He says he can wash it good and make a new collar for Iceberg out of it.

You say, 'where is Tundra Jack?'

Dok says 'Well, now, let's see... His name is Tundra Jack.. me first guess would be that ye might find him on the frozen tundra of Everfrost, eh?

Now go out into the Tundra of Everfrost and find Tundra Jack. He wanders around with Iceberg, but he can be found standing by the tower at 2054.30, -3830.64, -60.16, or near the entrance to the newbie zone at 2285.61, -2581.98, -60.16.

You say, 'hail Tundra Jack'

Tundra Jack says 'Good mining to you, kid! What are you doing way out here? You're gonna catch frostbite. The name's Tundra Jack, prospector supreme. Trained by the finest miners in Kaladim!! Me 'n [Iceberg] have been out here for three years now, searchin' fer fortune.

You say, 'what Iceberg?'

Tundra Jack says 'Iceberg used to be a beast. He terrorized Halas for some time, then he met me. I tamed the beast and now he watches my back. You never know when the ice giants may go for a stroll from [Permafrost].

You say, 'what permafrost?'

Tundra Jack says 'It's said that Permafrost used to be the lair of the ice giants. Most up and left for the icy continent of Velious. Now Permafrost is a haven for ice goblins and a few straggling giants. I have also heard rumors of a dragon within. I bet its lair is filled with silver and gold!!

You say, 'where is the sweaty shirt?'

Tundra Jack says 'Looking fer that blasted shirt, huh? Well, as you can smell, I didn't get to washing it, but I wrapped it onto Iceberg's collar. I'd say you can have it, but Iceberg kind of likes it now. The only way you're gonna be able to grab it from him is to feed him his [favorite meal].

You say, 'what is his favorite meal?'

Tundra Jack says 'Iceberg has some picky eating habits. If he can't catch any goblins, he prefers [Lion Delight]. Lion Delight is his favorite.

You say, 'where do I get a Lion Delight?'

Tundra Jack says 'I usually get Lion Delight from Teria O'Danos in Halas.

At this point, you need to go and do the Teria O'Danos Lion Meat Quest in order to get a Lion Delight. Give the Lion Delight Lion Delight to Iceberg for the following reaction:

Iceberg growls with happiness and licks your face. Just enough time to swipe the sweaty shirt from his collar!! Iceberg then runs off to enjoy his lion delight!!

Your faction standing with WolvesoftheNorth got better
Your faction standing with ShamenofJustice got better
Your faction standing with MerchantsofHalas got better
Your faction standing with SteelWarriors got better
You gain experience!!

Tundra Jack says 'Ha!! Looks like old Iceberg likes you. Either that or he's tasting you.

You get rewarded with the sweaty shirt Sweaty Shirt. You then have to travel to the Barbarian Village in the Western Plains of Karana. Follow the path through the pass as you enter the zone, and then turn right at the first junction, heading south till you hit the village. Einhorst McMannus can be found in a hut at -3804.91, -2095.17, 5.78

You say, 'I am searching for the fugitive'

Einhorst McMannus says 'I see they have sent someone to hunt the scoundrel down. I am afraid I haven't seen the barbarian thief in quite some time. You can search and search for him here in the western plains, but I doubt you shall find him. Good luck.

Not much luck there. Go and see Ulrich McMannus who I found standing north of the village at -2468.23, -1782.04, 22.90, but is usually in the village itself at -3531.46, -2108.38, 36.08.

You say, 'hail Ulrich McMannus'

Ulrich McMannus says 'Welcome to the village of McMannus. We sell many goods. Feel free to look around - just keep your hands to yourself. Good day.

You say, 'I am hunting the fugitive'

Ulrich McMannus says 'Searching for someone, eh? You will most likely never find them on the plains. This is a vast area. I could have Frostbite help you search. He is quite good at [tracking prey].

You say, 'tracking what prey?'

Ulrich McMannus says 'Frostbite can track down anyone, be they man or beast. All one needs to do is obtain a SWEATY piece of clothing recently worn by the one you seek.

Frostbite is found in the pen at -3536.06, -2231.50, 35.96. Go and give him the sweaty shirt Sweaty Shirt:

Frostbite takes a whiff of the sweaty shirt and barks.

You gain experience!!

At this point there was a pause for a minute or so, but then Frostbite rans off to the North East tracking the Fugitive. He may get distracted a couple of times by some monsters which he will take out. He also runs fast, so having Spirit of the Wolf on before handing over the sweaty shirt is recommended. Eventually you get led to a Barbarian called Basil. Kill Basil to get his head Barbarian Head. Take this back to Renth McLanis for the following response:

Renth McLanis says 'Fine work! We've avenged our fellow Northmen and ye've earned yer Langseax. Wield it in the name o' Halas!

Your faction standing with WolvesoftheNorth got better
Your faction standing with ShamenofJustice got worse
Your faction standing with MerchantsofHalas got worse
Your faction standing with SteelWarriors got worse
You gain experience!!
You receive 8 gold from Renth McLanis.

You also get given the Langseax Langseax.


My thanks go out to Kendahl Starbright for her assistance with this quest.