Renth McLanis Courier Quest - Halas

Completed quest

Find Renth McLanis at 362.40, -278.66, 3.75

You say, 'hail Renth McLanis'

Renth McLanis says 'Hail, Runengetum ! Have ye come to train? I train all warriors. All Wolves o' the North must be strong warriors and swift as well. Are ye a young wolf, then? If so, maybe ye can [assist Renth] with his wee problem, eh?

You say, 'I can assist Renth'

Renth McLanis says 'I was ordered by Kylan O'Danos to personally escort a young warrior sent to fetch the remains of his cousin, Ivan McMannus. I forgot and spent me greater time testing out the fine spirits. Now I must find the courier and the remains. Will ye [search fer the courier]?

You say, 'I will search fer the courier'

Renth McLanis says 'Thank ye, Runengetum ! Go to Everfrost Peaks and seek out Arnis McLish. Ask him where Megan, the courier, is. Once ye find Megan, would ye ask her where Ivan's remains are? Please go, at once!

Go Into Everfrost. You will find Arnis McLish standing just outside the entrance to Blackburrow at -1592.86, -168.00, -60.16.

You say, 'hail Arnis McLish'

Arnis McLish says 'My word!! I cannot believe how cold it is out here. I must keep running around just to keep warm.

You say, 'where is Megan the courier?'

Arnis McLish says 'I heard she got lost on the plains. You should go ask her dog, Snowflake, where she is. I hear he is somewhere around the pass to Halas.

Go and find Snowflake who stands near Bryndin McMill at 2012.96, -1161.90, -60.16.

You say, 'where is megan?'

Snowflake says 'Ruff.. Ruff.. Woof..

At this point Snowflake starts moving off into the tundra. If you follow Snowflake, eventually he leads you to Megan OReilly. Megan OReilly can usually be found at 2022.59, -4229.96, -64.09

You say, 'hail Megan OReilly'

Megan OReilly says 'Brrrr.. It.. Is sooo.. c-cold!! I never.. sh-should've j-joined.. the.. the W-wolves of the N-north!!

You say, 'where are Ivans remains?'

Megan OReilly says 'You were sent to retrieve the remains? I am sorry, I lost them. It was not my fault! There was no escort as I was told. I got lost returning to Halas and ended up on a frozen river. The ice broke and the remains were scattered into the freezing water. Will you [dive for the remains]?

You say, 'I will dive for the remains'

Megan OReilly says 'Thank the Tribunal!! I would have, but I cannot swim. Take this chest. Fill it with the four pieces which fell below the surface. I know not what else lies within. When you fill the box and combine the items, return it to Renth. Good luck, Runengetum.

Megan OReilly gives you an Empty Box Empty Box to fill with the four pieces of Ivans Remains. You now have to find a hole in the ice of the frozen river, which can be found at 1359.96, -4588.35, -101.28. For the next part of the quest it is highly recommended that you get Enduring Breath cast on yourself as you have to go diving in the frozen river. It is very easy to miss the hole in the ice and drown on the way back if you just hold your breath. Swim in the direction of the Ice Goblin Divers. You should find three of the bones on the river bed, the last one is dropped by one of the Ice Goblin Divers. When you have collected all 4, you should have a Barbarian Femur Barbarian Femur, Barbarian Skull Barbarian Skull, Barbarian Jaw Barbarian Jaw and Barbarian Rib Barbarian Rib. Put these in the box that you have been given and hit combine to produce a Box of Remains Box of Remains. Go back to Renth McLanis and give the box of remains to him to produce this response:

Renth McLanis says 'Good work!! Kylan will never know o' me negligence. I owe ye one, young warrior. Let's call it even with this. Twas found by one of our foraging parties. It is still useful. And... I believe ye can assist with a more [dangerous matter] as well.

Your faction standing with WolvesoftheNorth got better
Your faction standing with ShamenofJustice got better
Your faction standing with MerchantsofHalas got better
Your faction standing with SteelWarriors got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 6 copper from Renth McLanis.

The Dangerous matter comment is used as the start of the Langseax quest.