Capt Linarius Corrupt Guards Wristbands Quest

Completed quest

Find Capt Linarius in the tower by the bridge to South Karana at -4145.23, 1220.51, 66.13.

You say, 'hail Capt Linarius'

Capt Linarius says 'Hail, traveler! You are free to rest within this keep or within any of my towers along the roads to Qeynos. My guards shall keep watch over you. While you tread upon the roads, be warned that there are [local dangers] as well as rumors of [corrupt guards].

You say, 'what local dangers?'

Capt Linarius says 'My guards report daily to me of dangers in the plains. Lately, they've been telling me of rumors of [Lord Grimrot].

You say, 'what lord grimrot?'

Capt Linarius says 'My guards have heard rumors of this Lord Grimrot. It is said that he is a powerful shadowknight who is raising an army of undead. Such things should be reported to the Temple of Life. Journey to Qeynos and speak with Camlend Serbold. Tell him of Lord Grimrot.

You say, 'what corrupt guards?'

Capt Linarius says 'I have heard rumors of dissension among my guards. I will reward any fine resident for the death of these traitorous guards. If you find you must kill one, bring his guard bracelet back to me. I cannot allow such men among my guards. Be sure they are corrupt, or I shall have your head as well.

The Corrupt guard that I obtained the bracelet from was Guard Donlan in the tower near the barbarian village in Western Karana at -2915.28, -2045.64, 44.02. Give Capt Linarius a corrupt Guards bracelet Guard Bracelet for the following response:

Capt Linarius says 'What a pity. Such a promising soldier. I thank you for ridding us of this corruption and offer you this as a reward. It is nothing more than junk which littered the roadways of the Plains of Karana. I hope you can find a use for it.

Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
Your faction standing with AntoniusBayle got better
Your faction standing with Corrupt Qeynos Guards got worse
Your faction standing with CircleOfUnseenHands got worse
Your faction standing with MerchantsofQeynos got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 6 copper from Capt Linarius.
You receive 2 gold from Capt Linarius.

I also received a fine Steel Warhammer as a reward.
The comment about Lord Grimrot is the start of the Camlend Serbold Lord Grimlot Quest detailed seperately.