Camlend Serbold Lord Grimlot Quest

Incomplete quest


Find Camlend Serbold in the temple of Light at -200.32, -675.74, -10.25. This quest is started after a discussion with Capt Linarius in North Karana (see Capt Linarius Corrupt Guards Wristbands Quest)

You say, 'hail Camlend Serbold'

Camlend Serbold says 'I say, good to meet you, Runengetum ! I am Camlend Serbold. Some call me Serbold the Great. I am the leader of the righteous order of paladins which serves the Temple of Life. Together with the clerics of this temple, we defend the will of the great [Rodcet Nife] and smite all who dare to oppose us.

You say, 'what Rodcet Nife?'

Camlend Serbold says 'Do you feel your heart beating within your chest!!? It is Rodcet Nife, the Prime Healer, whose breath keeps it in perfect rhythm. If you do not pray to His glory then I assure you, someday when your heart begins to slow, you shall be crying out loud to Rodcet Nife.

You say, 'I have heard a rumor about Lord Grimrot'

Camlend Serbold says 'You have heard of Lord Grimrot? He is a shadowknight working with the Bloodsabers. We have word he is trying to build an army of undead. Only a powerful knight can rid the lands of Grimrot. So, did you come here to [defend life]?

You say, 'I came here to defend life'

Camlend Serbold says 'Then go to the Plains of Karana. Somewhere there, Lord Grimrot is hatching his little plan for the Bloodsabers. Bring me his evil scythe and his heart. It is said that upon his death, his soul will be absorbed into this weapon of darkness. Do this and be rewarded.

I have not got any further with this quest.