Phin Esrinap Orange Headband Quest

Completed quest

Find Phin Esrinap in the Monks guild at 296.37, 320.94, 17.75

You say, 'hail Phin Esrinap'

Phin Esrinap says 'Hello, my name is Phin. Practice, practice, practice.. that's my motto. It is my responsibility to train our members, and help them to advance their skills and abilities. I also reward our members with colored [headbands] for completing certain tasks.

You say, 'what headbands?'

Phin Esrinap says 'Yes, I give out [white, yellow, and orange headbands] to our newer members, and Togahn gives out [red, purple, and blue headbands] to our elder members.

You say, 'what orange headband?'

Phin Esrinap says 'This is a difficult award to obtain. The city of Qeynos is, as you know, under constant attack by the gnolls of Blackburrow. The Silent Fist Clan rewards its members who venture deep into this gnoll stronghold and bring swift justice to these vile creatures. Please return two Blackburrow gnoll pelts - make sure they aren't ruined - and a Blackburrow gnoll skin as proof of your noble actions. Also, turn in your [yellow headband], and then I shall give you the orange one. Good luck!

Now travel to BlackBurrow to get the required pelts and skin. The pelts are reasonably easy to come by, and I got my skin from an Elite Gnoll Guard. Bring back 2 Blackburrow Gnoll Pelts Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt, a BlackBurrow Gnoll Skin Blackburrow Gnoll Skin and the Yellow Headband Yellow Headband and give them to Phin Esrinap for the following response:

Phin Esrinap says 'It is an honor to present the orange headband of the Silent Fist Clan to one of our finest members, Runengetum the mighty!

Your faction standing with SilentFistClan got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
Your faction standing with AshenOrder got better
You gain experience!!

You also get given the Orange Headband Orange Headband. Next, you should do the Togahn Sorast Red Headband Quest.