Chesgard Sydwen Bandit Sash Quest

Completed quest


Find Chesgard Sydwen in the alley to the Temple of Thunder at -277.62, -493.60, 3.75. This quest is a follow on to the Chesgard Sydwen Temple Blanket Quest.

You say, 'hail Chesgard Sydwen'

Chesgard Sydwen says 'May Karana guide you. Are you a [citizen of Qeynos] or a visitor?

You say, 'what karana bandits?'

Chesgard Sydwen says 'In the Plains of Karana can be found the [Karana bandits]. They plague our followers and dare to use the name of the Rainkeeper as a title. For this, Karana commands their deaths. I have a bounty for every returned bandit sash, collectible by members only. For clerics, Gehna has a bounty on binder spectacles.

Go kill bandits in Western Karana or Eastern Karana, or Highwaymen in Eastern Karana. They will occasionally drop a Bandit Sash Bandit sash. Returning a Bandit Sash to Chesgard Sydwen results in:

Chesgard Sydwen says 'Good work, knight! The Karana bandits have been plaguing the Rainkeeper's flock for some time. Take this as a small reward for your devotion. Continue the fight against the Karana bandits. Ahh.. I wish [Cheslin] were equally skilled.

Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder got better
Your faction standing with BloodSabers got worse
Your faction standing with Priests of Life got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 1 silver from Chesgard Sydwen.
You receive 10 gold from Chesgard Sydwen.

You also receive a bronze weapon or shield that can be sold for about 1PP.