Chesgard Sydwen Temple Blanket Quest

Completed quest


Find Chesgard Sydwen in the alley to the Temple of Thunder at -277.62, -493.60, 3.75

You say, 'hail Chesgard Sydwen'

Chesgard Sydwen says 'May Karana guide you. Are you a [citizen of Qeynos] or a visitor?

You say, 'I am a citizen of qeynos'

Chesgard Sydwen says 'Then I would urge you to attend daily services in the Temple of Thunder. You are a [member of Thunder], are you not? Or maybe I am mistaken and you are just lost..?

You say, 'I am a member of thunder'

Chesgard Sydwen says 'I welcome you. Karana cares for all of His flock. He bestows a touch of His power upon the souls of the Clerics and Paladins of our temple. We look after His flock. Speaking of which, I require the assistance of a young paladin to [deliver provisions to needy members].

You say, 'I will deliver provisions to needy members'

Chesgard Sydwen says 'Good show!! Here you are, young knight. Take these blankets to any resident who desires warmth. Ask them if they are followers of Karana, then ask if they require temple blankets. Be careful, the plains are quite dangerous for a young knight.

At this point Chesgard Sydwen gives you some Temple Blankets Temple Blankets. Now go to Western Karana and find Rongol who is beside the water at -3705.87, -9286.57, -0.19 (The quest also works with Tukk at -3681.82, -7676.57, 2.26 I have subsequently found)

You say, 'hail Rongol'

Rongol says 'Great!! I have fifty acres to seed and now I have visitors stopping by to waste my time!!

You say, 'are you a follower of Karana?'

Rongol says 'Yes. I am a follower of Karana, the Rainkeeper. It is He who keeps the plains fertile.

You say, 'do you require a temple blanket?'

Rongol says 'With the frequent rains, I find my only need is a blanket to keep me warm during the long cold nights. Thank Karana the temple has begun to send young paladins to deliver extra blankets.

Give the Temple Blankets to Rongol for the following response Temple Blankets:

Rongol says 'Thank you, protector of Karana. This will be handy when the cold rushes into the valley. Allow me to offer you some provisions for your journey. And, might I add, the [Karana bandits] have begun to operate much closer to Qeynos.

Your faction standing with KaranaResidents got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
Your faction standing with Priests of Life got better
Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 2 copper from Rongol.

You say, 'what karana bandits?'

Rongol says 'The Karana bandits are rogues who operate in the plains. I have heard there are bounties for the bandits. Within the Temple of Thunder in Qeynos, Cleric Gehna offers one for bandit spectacles and Paladin Chesgard offers one for bandit sashes.

This is the que for the Chesgard Sydwen Bandit Sash Quest and the Gehna Solbenya Bandit Spectacle Quest. In spite of the offer of provisions, there is no further reward in this quest.