Wolten Grafe Bone Chip Quest

Completed quest

Find Wolten Grafe at the Temple of Thunder at -186.57, -546.30, 3.75

You say, 'hail Wolten Grafe'

Wolten Grafe says 'Hail, noble Runengetum . Remember to spread the words of Karana throughout the faraway lands on which you shall tread. We of the Temple of Thunder are looking for new members - good people who [wish to join our cause]. Let the call go out!

You say, 'I wish to join your cause'

Wolten Grafe says 'That IS good news! If you walk the righteous path of the Rainkeeper, Karana, then you are truly noble. I have need of someone like that. I must find someone to perform a [dangerous mission] or perhaps you would rather seek out the [Rat King] or [crush the undead]?

You say, 'I will crush the undead'

Wolten Grafe says 'Those who passed generations ago have had their bones exhumed and enchanted. Some evil force plagues this land with these evil skeletons. You will fight for us and crush the skeletons. Take this box and fill it with the bones of those creatures. We will not allow them to rise again and you shall earn our respect. Go forth and fight for Karana!!

You get given a Box for Bones Box For Bones. Go and fill this with six Bone Chips Bone Chips that are dropped by skeletons and decaying skeletons that can be found outside the gates in North Qeyos and hit the combine button on the box to produce a Box Of Bones A Box of Bones. Give this box back to Wolten Grafe for the following response:

Wolten Grafe says 'You have done well. Let it be known to all that you fight for the Rainkeeper. Go and continue the battle.

Your faction standing with Knights of Thunder got better
Your faction standing with BloodSabers got worse
Your faction standing with Priests of Life got better
Your faction standing with Guards of Qeynos got better
You gain experience!!
You receive 1 copper from Wolten Grafe.

I also received a ration as a reward.
The other quested referred to as the Rat King is detailed seperately.