Wolten Grafe Rat King Quest

Incomplete quest

Find Wolten Grafe at the Temple of Thunder at -186.57, -546.30, 3.75

You say, 'hail Wolten Grafe'

Wolten Grafe says 'Hail, noble Runengetum . Remember to spread the words of Karana throughout the faraway lands on which you shall tread. We of the Temple of Thunder are looking for new members - good people who [wish to join our cause]. Let the call go out!

You say, 'I wish to join your cause'

Wolten Grafe says 'That IS good news! If you walk the righteous path of the Rainkeeper, Karana, then you are truly noble. I have need of someone like that. I must find someone to perform a [dangerous mission] or perhaps you would rather seek out the [Rat King] or [crush the undead]?

You say, 'what rat king?'

Wolten Grafe says 'Under this city lie the catacombs of Qeynos. Somewhere down there lurks the Rat King. None have truly seen him, but we know of him. It is he who plagues us with the recent infestation of rats. Why? Who knows? We need a brave member to [hunt the Rat King].

You say, 'I will hunt the rat king'

Wolten Grafe says 'You are truly brave, young knight. Go to the catacombs. Find the Rat King. Bring me his head as proof of your noble deed. He must be stopped. Beware of his allies. May Karana watch over you.

The other quest referred to as crush the undead is detailed seperately.