Ranger Epic Quest

Completed quest

Phase 3 - Get the Ancient Pattern

Go to Timorous Deep and find Alrik Farsight. He wanders around the 'Chessboard' Island, and I found him at -5962.16, 2887.23, 3.74. I found the best way to get there was to take the ship from Inhabitants of Firiona Vie and jump off and swim west as soon as it zoned into Timorous Deep. You need to be at least Amiable for Alrik Farsight to talk to you. If he isn't, do the Niola Impholder Bat Wing Quest to build your faction up.

You say, 'Hail, Alrik Farsight'

Alrik Farsight says 'Ah. Hello there, adventurer. Come to search for ancient artifacts with Fizzlebik and myself?'

You say, 'what ancient artifacts?'

Alrik Farsight says 'Oh. All types of things. This area is great. So many artifacts and remains of things all over. It's starting to fall into the pattern of things.

You say, 'I seek an ancient bowl'

Alrik Farsight rummages through his tattered bag and throws aside a towel. 'Too many towels. Oh well, someone told me they were good to have once. Here it is, a bowl pattern. Interesting bowl. Looks almost like a magical bowl but I'm no potter. You need it, you say? Well, it is interesting. Part of my research here is for the wizard guild in Felwithe. I'm sure they'd put a high price on this one, the enchanters guild being so interested in trading for magical paraphernalia and all. Of course if you helped me out on a chore I have, I'd be happy to give it to you. I need to deliver an artifact to the guild and I'd much rather stay here exploring. If you wish, you can take the artifact and return with the receipt and I'll give you the pattern.'

You say, 'I will take the artifact'

Alrik Farsight says 'Hah! Okay, then. Here take this to Farios Elianos in Felwithe. He will give you the receipt.'

You get given a Crushed Pot Crushed Pot. Now go to Southern Felwithe and find Farios Elianos in the back of the shop near the zone line at 376.73, -845.74, -4.24. The quickest way to Southern Felwithe is via the Firepots in Timorous Deep. Give him the Crushed Pot for the following response:

Farios Elianos says 'Eh? What is this? A cracked earthen pot? Why in the nine hells would I need a crushed pot? Perhaps I could use it to not hold water! Why did you even bother me with this? Are you mentally deficient? Apparently. Oh, well, you're just a servant boy. Well, then, we'll make you useful, if just a little. Take this shopping list and go get my groceries. Take it to Nora in the tavern. She'll know what I need.'

You get given a Grocery List Grocery List. Now find Merchant Nora at in a shop in Northern Felwithe at 142.69, -414.95, 3.75. Give her the Grocery List for the following response:

Merchant Nora says 'You hardly look like the type of errand runner Farios usually sends out to fetch his groceries but here they are. I hope he chokes on them. Oh, and tell him he still owes me five gold for his last order!'

She gives you a Bag of Provisions Bag_of_Provisions. Go back to Southern Felwithe and give Farios Elianos the Bag of Provisions for the following response:

Farios Elianos says 'Ah, good. Here's a few copper and a receipt for services rendered. Now be off, I'm sure citizens across the land are in dire need of broken pots at right this moment.'

You get given a Receipt Receipt. Go back to Alrik Farsight in Timorous Deep and give him the receipt for the following response:

Alrik Farsight grins happily. 'Excellent! Was he pleased with the artifact? Oh, that's not even worth answering. I'm sure he was. He's always happy with the things I send him. That's why he honored me with this position of esteem, searching for useful and powerful items in this newly discovered land.

You also get given an Ancient Pattern Ancient Pattern. You can read what the Ancient Pattern says here.

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