Ranger Epic Quest

Completed quest

Phase 7 - Obtain the Ancient Longsword

Now go to Misty Thicket. I used the Plane of Knowledge portal. When you zone in search for Ella Foodcrafter on track. You should pick her up immediately, but she runs all round the newbie area of the zone. Luckily she stops when you hail her. I halted her at -914.95, -1599.76, 16.24. Hand Ella Foodcrafter the Runecrested Bowl Runecrested Bowl and Hardened Mixture Hardened Mixture for the following response:

Ella Foodcrafter smiles slowly as she works the mixture in the bowl and it starts to shine with power. 'This is... a piece of a lost magic item known as Nature's Gem. When restored to completeness I've heard its healing powers will be extraordinary. Take it now. I will take the bowl and hopefully do some good from my end. From here, you can go many ways but I can't guide your path step by step. The only advice I can give you is to look for ones such as yourself.'

Your get given a Softly Glowing Stone Softly Glowing Stone. Now travel to Inhabitants of Firiona Vie and find Foloal Stormforest who will be standing on the harbour wall opposite the Rangers guild at -3393.26, 3480.13, -93.37. She does not respond to a normal hail.

You say, 'are you one such as myself?'

Foloal Stormforest stares at you and whispers. 'You must be the one that has been spoken of. Yes, yes I am one of the circle. There are many of us in the lands right now, all seeking answers to the ills that have befallen our homes.'

You say, 'what are the answers?'

Foloal Stormforest says 'I have heard whispers of new Iksar movements in the land. The name of Venril Sathir is on the scaled lips and sharp tongues of every cold blooded lizard in this place.'

You say, 'who is venril sathir?'

Foloal Stormforest says 'All I've heard are whispers of connections between the undead lizards and the dark god of hate. There's some kind of history behind the two. It might be that Venril is the main focus of Innoruuk's will in the land. Then again, maybe not, but this is the best we've gotten so far. If you think you can do it, then find him and remove him from the face of this earth. Bring me the half of the stone I know you have and whatever conduit of power you find on his rotting corpse.'

Travel to Karnor's Castle and fight your way to the back of the zone to the room where Venril Sathirs remains are (loc -78.12, -545.55, 21.98). I did this with 2 full groups, average level around 60, and it was pretty easy. Venril Sathirs remains will be indifferent to you. Clear the room of all other mobs before starting on the next phase.

You say, 'Hail, Venril Sathirs remains'

Venril Sathirs remains says 'The living fire. I seek the fires of life. Bring them.'

What Venril Sathirs remains wants is a Summoned: Firefly Globe Summoned: Firefly Globe. Use the Dance of the Fireflies spell to summon a Summoned: Firefly Globe and turn it in to Venril Sathirs remains for the following response:

Venril Sathirs remains grasps the glowing sphere of fireflies from your hands. Tendrils of mystical energy begin to flow forth from the swarm of glowing insects like tiny fingers. The glowing tendrils begin to reach into the ribcage of the rotting remains of Venril Sathir, coalescing into the form of an iksar ghost.

You say, 'hail Spirit of Venril Sathir'

Spirit of Venril Sathir says 'So mortals, you seek to end the tainting of Tunare's children? So be it, I have no cares. My death has been caused by this foolishness and I want no more to do with it. Bring me a scroll with the knowledge of resurrection so that I may once again live. I will hand you that which you seek.

Give the Spirit of Venril Sathir the Level 49 Cleric Spell Resurrection Spell: Resurrection for the following response:

Spirit of Venril Sathir says 'I am alive! My thanks to you, Runengetum. And now I will aid you in your quest for preserving the forests of norrath. Your carcass will help nurture the soils of the wilderness.'

At this point he attacks you. Kill him and you will find that he has 2 Pulsing Green Stones Pulsing Green Stone. Loot one of these (and let another druid or Ranger loot the other as they are identical), then travel back to Inhabitants of Firiona Vie and find Foloal Stormforest again. Give Foloal Stormforest the Pulsing Green Stone Pulsing Green Stone and the Softly Glowing Stone Softly Glowing Stone for the following response:

Foloal Stormforest blinks and carefully takes the stones from you, cautiously scratching the jagged green stone against the other. Its skin seems to shiver and flake at the contact and eventually begins to shine brightly. 'With the gem nature's balance is complete. Take the stone and walk your path. Blade or lightning caller, burning sword or the mother's walk.'

You get given a Warmly Glowing Stone Warmly Glowing Stone. Now go back to The Burning Wood and find Telin Darkforest in the North West corner at 3233.35, 2860.72, -159.44. Give him the Warmly Glowing Stone for the following response:

Telin Darkforest nods as he unbuckles his sword and hands it to you. 'The storm callers are working on containing and fighting against the corruption but they can not hold back the inevitable for long. It is up to us to strike against Innoruuk directly. If we were warriors or paladins we would have a fancy ceremony and plenty of feasting but we're just rangers, without time for pleasantries. The sword you hold in your hands is one of the oldest blades known, even to the eldest. To strike at the darkest heart of evil requires a weapon beyond this, or even ones you may carry at your side. The first task, the first preparation you must make, is the smithing of that blade. Its edge sharpened, its balance made perfect. When you have finished, bring me this sword again.'

You gain experience!!

You get given an Ancient Longsword Ancient Longsword.

Continue to phase 8 of this quest.