Ranger Epic Quest

Completed quest

Phase 8 - Obtain Swiftwind

Find Kinlo Strongarm in the Everhot Forge in North Kaladim at loc 354.17, -174.53, 3.75.

You say, 'I have an ancient longsword'

Kinlo Strongarm says 'The ancient smiths, for what I think yer askin' about, ain't been around fer a long time, laddy. Last anyone heard o' the ancients was 'fore my time even. There be more than a few tales about 'em.'

You say, 'what few tales?'

Kinlo Strongarm says 'There be some who talk about how the ancient smiths went down to work fer the Duke o' Below, sayin' he be needin' some fine dwarven smiths fer makin' some castle or some such. There be tales that the ancients were so good at smithin' that the Duke took 'em down and made 'em head smiths over his minions. There's even tales that some o' the smiths' souls were trapped in their hammers, stuck there by some necromancer or somethin', as punishment or retribution.'

You say, 'what hammers?'

Kinlo Strongarm says 'Aye. Some says their souls were bound into their hammers by an Erudite necromancer and enchanter. They say they used the power of the hammers ta profit by makin' ships, boats, and houses better than any other merchants. Sad tale, if'n it be true.'

You say, 'what erudite necromancer and enchanter?'

Kinlo Strongarm says 'I'm not knowin' more about the story, lad. Everythin' I know is already in what I said. Aye, Erudites. I suppose if yer wantin' ta run after shortbeard tales ya can look over on that plague island they call Odus.'

Now go and find Jaeil the Wretched in The Hole, sitting by a pool at 230.52, 872.84, -468.92. This part was done with 2 groups, average level 57. Jaeil the Insane was killed easily, and that was while Jaeil the Wretched was also aggroed (accidentally). Jaeil the Wretched does not respond to hails, but does talk to himself if you are patient:

Jaeil the Wretched whimpers pathetically as his reflection catches his eye. He turns and stares pitifully at the ceiling.

Jaeil the Wretched shields his eyes from his reflection in the water, occasionally gibbering as he scratches at a flapping, rotted patch of skin on his sunken face. In his arms he cradles something. He seems to emanate an aura of power.

Use sneak to get to indifferent( he was dubious) and hand Jaeil the Wretched the Shiny Tin Bowl Shiny Tin Bowl. This spawns Jaeil the Insane who immediately aggroes (Jaeil the Wretched remains but does not aggro unless attacked). Kill Jaeil the Insane and loot a Soulbound Hammer Soulbound Hammer. Now go to Erudin Palace and find Mairee Silentone in Sothure's Fine Gems at loc 766.49, 556.40, -12.25. She conned Dubious to me. She does not respond to a hail.

You say, 'what ancient hammer?'

Mairee Silentone says 'Yes, the ancient hammer. I heard something about that. Do you mind if I take a look at it?'

At this point I used sneak to get to indifferent, then handed her the Soulbound hammer for the following response:

Mairee Silentone makes a few marks on the hammer, and all the while you can hear a muffled cursing coming from the hammer head. 'Yes, it is an ancient dwarf's hammer. Interesting artifact. I've marked it to keep it stable while you retrieve something for me. You need to travel to the Plane of Air and find a swirling sphere of color. Bring it and the hammer back to me.'

You get given a Dwarven Smiths Hammer Dwarven Smiths Hammer. Now you have to head for the Plane of Air and kill the Essence Tamer. He spawns on the fourth island and always drops a Swirling Sphere of Color Swirling Sphere of Color. You will need a raid party at least as strong as the party taken to The Hole to complete this. Now go back to Erudin Palace and give Mairee Silentone the Dwarven Smiths Hammer and the Swirling Sphere of Color for the following response:

Mairee Silentone holds the sphere and makes intricate marks and patterns on it, eventually turning the entire crystal clear. She rolls it across the hammer, raising a ringing sound in the room. 'There. Now take the hammer back to Kinlo. He'll know what to do from here. Good luck to you, Runengetum.'

She gives you the Hammer of the Ancients Hammer of the Ancients. Now you have to head back to North Kaladim. Find Kinlo Strongarm downstairs in Everhot Forge at 356.06, -189.21, 1.75. I used Sneak again to get my faction to indifferent, just in case. Give him the Hammer of the Ancients for the following response:

Kinlo Strongarm looks at the hammer and nods once before slamming the head against his anvil, and shattering the head. In a cloud of dust, another dwarf appears from the cloud and tosses you a hunk of metal. Kinlo stares in awe.

This causes Usbak the Old the spawn beside Kinlo Strongarm, and you get given a Small bit of Mithril Ore Small bit of Mithril Ore.

You say, 'Hail, Usbak the Old'

Usbak the Old says 'Took ya long enough! Ye'd think ya had an orc head on them shoulders there. I'm owin' ya for yer help though. Else I'd have been on that darn hammer for ages. Ye said ya had an ancient blade or somethin ta be smithin. If so lemme see it.'

Still using Sneak to stay indifferent, hand Usbak the Old the Ancient Longsword Ancient Longsword obtained from Telin Darkforest.

Usbak the Old admires the blade and then starts to bang the edge with a hammer. 'Hah, that was a good blade, no doubt. Ain't seen one I couldn't make better though. I'm knowin' yer cause and all I know is ye should take that ancient blade ta yer friend in the woods, he'll know what to do now. With that I'm gonna be takin muh leave. Debt paid and all. If'n yer wantin' another blade, which ye do, ye got enough ore left that Kinlo can do it for ye'

He hands you back a Refined Ancient Sword Refined Ancient Sword. Now give the Small bit of Mithril Ore to Kinlo Strongarm for the following response:

Kinlo Strongarm says 'Erm. Well, I ain't never worked with this stuff but here's what I got for ya. It ain't bad, pretty much like the one ye got there. I suppose ye should take the one the ancient made and show it ta yer friend.'

You get given a Refined Mithril Blade Refined Mithril Blade. Now go back to The Burning Wood and find Telin Darkforest in the North West corner at 3233.35, 2860.72, -159.44. Hand him the Refined Ancient Sword:

Telin Darkforest smiles slowly. 'Now that's fine work, Runengetum. Just a moment, we have a friend here who can enchant one of the blades. Give her the blade the ancient smithed.'

You get given the Refined Ancient Sword back and Faelin spwans beside Telin Darkforest.

You say, 'Hail, Faelin'

Faelin says 'Didn't think I was gone for good, did you? We're that much closer to finishing this trial of our strength, thanks to you.'

Give Faelin the Refined Ancient Sword:

Faelin smiles at you, then closes her eyes as she sets the gem 'Nature's Balance' into the crossguard and begins to channel her spirit into the sword. The ground rumbles loudly as she casts. She collapses in exhaustion after a short time. 'Take the blade, and perhaps you can finish this. You must strike at the heart of Innoruuk's lair. Bring a shattered gem and the mithril blade to Xanuusus. Only by weakening Innoruuk's grip over his realm can the balance of the land once again be restored. If we do not meet again, Runengetum, remember you always have my eternal thanks.'

You get given Swiftwind Swiftwind.

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